Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Day full of questions

Should we go east (there was rain)? ... Or, west (we almost headed back to California)? ... Or, south (there was no rain)? We went South and ended up in Indianapolis. Nice town. But, when we got here I wanted to ask five questions: 1) For Al Gore - can you go home and get mine and Robin's chaps? We thought there was a global warming crisis so we left ours home ... moron! 2) For Harley and Davidson - how can you make a machine that rides that good, looks this nice and still have an endless amount of chrome available to buy? What a great ride we had on a smooth bike! 3) For the Governor of Indiana - don't you know there is an economic crisis happening? We saw more officers today than we saw in 30 days to the west coast. (The bad news was that there were so many; the good news was we didn't personally meet any of them). 4.) For Robin - why do you love me? I put you on the back of the bike and ride and you just follow me ... I love you!!! 5). God - Why do you put up with Al Gore? How did you get those ideas into Harley and Davidson? How did you get me to slow down under that bridge back on 31 near Carmel ... and just in time!! How did you make a women like Robin and make her so blind to still pick me?

Great day - 250 miles - great fun.


Bobby said...

Book done yet?

~Kristie~ said...

Love the update!!

you should make a book of your blogs for the next month......