Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Louisville KY

Sometimes when you stay on the path you miss some of the great things of life! We were supposed to take I-65 south to a little town in Kentucky. Why the little town I don't know. But, before we had to go through Louisville on our way to the little town and we decided to drive downtown to see it. We never made it to the little town. Instead we toured Louisville, ate in Louisville and housed in Louisville. We even toured famous Churchill Down. I have seen almost every Kentucky Derby since I was a little boy: The fastest two minutes in sport. Today I saw the real thing and it was awesome. What history. I learned that on the first day a race horse is born he or she is taken out to run ... The First Day! I also learned that when a famous horse dies and is buried they only bury his head, his heart and his hoof. (Barbaro is the exception as they buried all of him). There has to be a lesson there some place. I wonder what they will bury of me? My mouth, I think! Maybe my bald head! Or, perhaps my round and smooth tummy. We had a great day in a great place. If you ever go through Louisville, don't. It is a great place to stay. Of course that little town we supposed to go to is now farther away which makes tomorrow a big riding day ... oh shoot! ... we have to ride the Harley longer. The idea to stay in Louisville is sounding even better. (P.S. The horse is a 2nd or 3rd place horse from the 2008 race ... we guess if you lose you have to stay there and pose for pictures with that little horse. Sucks to lose, even if your a horse)

Bobby ... four whole pages on the book so far ... FOUR!! Not many but really, really good!


~Kristie~ said...

So what do they do with the rest of the horse?

I probably dont want to know.

PS: Made it to the campground. Wireless internet working today, as long as I walk to the registration booth. Ordered a new flap for the toilet - coming in next day air. (how did you live without one of those??)

Bobby said...

FOUR? Pick it up! :-). Do you just start writing and see what happens or do you have some form of an outline?

Kristie -- Chinese restaurants are a booming industry in Kentucky