Thursday, July 9, 2009

So, that's why they call it "salt water"

Well, we went swimming in the ocean. Now we know about salt water. We did discover somethings about body surfing in the ocean, however. 1) Fat people go farther riding a wave than thin people ... David smoked Robin every time. 2) If you body surf on your back you get salt up your nose. 3). Either the ocean is warm or a lot of people next to us were peeing in the water.

David did decide he could surf, however. He decided he could surf if: 1) the surf board had a chair. 2) Waves were handicap assessable. 3) The wave slowed down or stopped long enough for him to take the elevator to the top of the wave and get in the chair. 4) There was a remote control on the chair. He seems to have more control in his life if he has a remote control

We went north today from Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Morehead City, N.C. It is about 180 miles and 80 of it was through a pretty big rain storm. We were over due to ride in one, however. Last year to the west coast and back (30 days) we had no rain. So far we had 10 days of no rain. So, it was our turn. David took a picture of Robin and her rain gear. She told him not to take it. He did anyway.

We also took some pictures us crossing the bridge to the Outer Banks and some housing on the coast. Some people have some nice houses.

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