Sunday, July 19, 2009

Opps ... not again

NEWS FLASH ... David and Robin left something at a hotel. This is really not a news flash. Hotels are used to having us call to ask if they found something we left there. Let's do a little inventory of our trip. 1). Personal tolietries left in a hotel in Louisville. We left the stuff there. You can always buy more. 2). Night light for when David gets up at night to go _____ left in a hotel in Tennesse. We left it there and didn't even call. The light was too bright anyhow. Since we left the light however, David has stubbed his toe twice. We really should think about gettting another light. 3). Robin's thumb drive that contains our entire itinerey and a back up of our money program left in Pigeon Forge, TN. Panic. Panic twice. Panic three times. Called hotel and waited an entire extra day in Ashville, NC for them to look. Called the hotel at least 10 times. Called the people who were in the room we were in at least five times and asked them to look. They couldn't find it. So far no one has been seen following us on our trip because they found our schedule; or, wiped out our entire bank account. 4). Swim suit cover-up left in Massachuetes. Getting used to leaving things meant we didn't need to panic. So, Robin just went to Kohls in New Hampshire and bought a new one. 5). Left swim suit in New Hampshire. To cover our bases we bought a new one at a Pennys in Portland, Maine and then ... now get this ... rode the Harley back to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to retrieve a swim suit that already was fading due to the cholrine but fits Robin better than the one we just bought. 6). We actually haven't left #6 yet but thought we would plan on it and put it on the blog.

The good news is David hasn't left Robin behind and Robin hasn't left David in a hotel room under the covers. There have been a few times that David has reached back on the bike to make sure Robin was still there. She tends to fall asleep while we ride. She did report once that David hit a bump in New York City so hard she almost fell off. (She really can't fall off from a bump but David lets her think she can. So, when every time we hit a bump now David likes to reach back to see if she is still there. She is!). We miss you all. 3,200 miles down and about 1,000 to go.

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