Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birch Run ... 4 out of 5 stars

We landed in Birch Run, MI. It is good to get to our home state. We knew were home immediately when the bumps on the road ever 30 yards or so shock our helmets off. We also had our first near miss accidents on the highway when, not one, but two different drivers tried to change lanes without seeing us. It's good to be home.

But, Birch Run was a great choice to stop. It gets four out of five stars on our stop-o-meter. What are the five stars, you ask? (We know you want to know). One star is a great hotel (Every hotel has its own star system, however. So, as to confuse you on that point a this was a 4 out of 5 hotel we stayed in. The five stars for a good hotel ... not to be confused with the five stars we are still explaining for the stop ... has a warm pool, a good writing area, free wi-fi, hot breakfast and a laundry. This one didn't have a laundry).

Now, back to the topic. One star is a great hotel, another is a Starbucks in walking distance. The third is a Harley dealer within walking distance. The fourth is a good selection of restaurants. This place had all four of them. But, it didn't make our fifth stop-o-meter star because if failed to have a Barnes and Noble. So, if you want to use our stop-o-meter for your trips (and why not ... it has to be the things everyone wants in a stop) you can come to Birch Run. Oh, and if your own personal stop-o-meter has a sixth star and it is shopping, this would be a five out of six star stop.

See you tomorrow on our last day and night in Traverse City,

(No pictures today because when David bought his new Harley boots ... the old ones broke ... and tried them on with his short-shorts, Robin didn't have the camera. Let's just say he looked as good in his new boots, knee high black socks and short-shorts as Robin did hers. But, since he has no picture and Robin won't let him put her picture on the web you will have to take our word for it.)

PS: The stop to see the client in the Toledo area went very good and David will have a contract with the school district there. Remember, the new client called us the day before we were going to go by the school district. Can you say "miracle?"

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