Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Myrtle Beach

We made it to Myrtle Beach, S.C. And, although we are going to be next to the Atlantic Ocean for the next two weeks, we enjoyed being by water again. When you live on water it is always nice to see water on vacation. You think you are home. Here are some pictures of walks on the beach, dinner at Damons (up on stilts), under the boardwalk, a shark caught by a fishermen on the boardwalk and some lame suffer dudes who had no waves and no game to surf. Oh, and this morning Robin locks us out on the deck of the hotel. There is a picture of the deck but we were already rescued. She shut the slider and it went into full lock position. To make matters worse the door to the room was bolted and had the safety on. So, they had to come and break in to break us out. The worst part is that David had to go pee. It came close to going off the balcony or waiting to be rescued. He waited to be rescued. And, a picture of Rodney, the maintenance guy who rescued us off the deck. He said in 19 years he has never seen someone lock themselves on the deck. Rodney has never met us! He left just shaking his head on how a sliding door could be completely locked from the outside. We wondered that as well.

We also added a video of Robin Swimming. For every hour David eats and writes, Robin swims. Guess who has the better figure? video



~Kristie~ said...

As I'm relating the story to Eyliana, the "S" in her desperately wants to know 'How did they maintenance guy know he had to come and rescue them?' - Please provide details for your granddaughter.

Bobby said...

I'd have jumped.

David & Robin's Motorcycle Adventures said...

Grandpa hollered to a pool maintenance worker below our balcony and had him call the maintenance desk.

David Hulings said...

Bobby, I would not have jumped. I considered throwing Robin over however.