Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answer to quiz and lobster looking at you.

We missed the rain again today and made it as far north as we are going: Bar Harbor, Maine. We took Highway 1 up the coast and saw some great ports in Maine.

First, to answer the quiz from yesterday. Bobby was correct in that grandpa was trying to trick our young grand-daughters. But, he was wrong on the way. Grandpa did say that Florida and Michigan were islands, but that was just a old man's mistake. He meant that they were "pennisulas." However, he did try to trick you. The quiz question was which state has more "coast lines?" It was not which states have more "shore lines?" Coast lines means the land when it toaches the ocean (Grandpa learned that from the Captian of the boat we were on). Maine has more "coast" lines because they have almost 3,000 islands off the shore of the state. That gives Maine more coast line then Alaska or Florida. Michigan doesnt' count because it only has "shore lines." All this is based upon the Captain of the boat, however.

Second, we have been along the Atlantic Ocean for almost two weeks. Each place we stop has numerous places to eat that serve Lobster. However, since Robin is highly allergic to fish we have not bother to order or investigate. The problem is that David loves fish. Since we are heading in-land and back toward Michigan tomorrow that made tonight the last chance to order it. So, here are some pictures. The first one is of Larry. That was the name David gave to the Lobster he ordered. Larry arrived on a plate with rice and brocolli (who knew lobster liked rice and brocolli?).

The second picture is of David in his bib eating Larry. (Robin wished David would wear a bib when he eats ice cream, pies, food, any thing).

The third picture is the picture of Larry after David ate him.

David did better than Larry. Larry was a mess when David finished. But, he still had that long, dark stare at David. However, David would prefer to look at a hamburger ... there is nothing to look at after he eats that.
Tomorrow we head home. We have missed everyone and can't wait to get back. However, we have a ton of rain to fight through. So, prayers would be nice.

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