Sunday, July 26, 2009

Niagara Falls

As you can see from the pictures, we made it to Niagara Falls. However, the trip from Utica was almost as wet as the trip to see the "mighty thunder" (that, we understand, is what "niagara" means for the indians who named the falls). We were in rain on and off for the 280 mile ride. But, it was worth it. We actually decided to stay a few days here to capture the beauty and power of the falls. We will let the pictures speak for themseleves. In one of the videos David actually takes a shower in the falls. If you can't spot him, he is the one in the yellow puncho.

On a lighter note, we do know we are getting closer to home and away from the more "enlightened and liberal" part of New England. We saw people wearing the following t-shirts yesterday: 1). "Freedom, Family and Firearms ... Welcome to my World." 2). "Old Guys Rule" (David's persoanal favorite). 3). "If you mess with me you will have to mess with the whole trailer park." When you see these kind of shirts you know you are getting close to home.


~Kristie~ said...

When you say you decided to stay a "few days" to enjoy the falls - what exactly do you mean? How many is a "Few"??

David & Robin's Motorcycle Adventures said...

We will still be home by Thursday night. But we decided to take a detour thru Traverse City and stay at our "Park Plaza Hotel". where we stayed last year on the last night.