Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moose Tracks

We finally got a chance to ride the Harley today after about five days of puttsing around. We traveled from Bar Harbor, ME to Lincoln NH. We have several pictures below from our trip as we went over the White Mountains and the Kancamagus Scenic Parkway. We road through rural towns, a few small cities, the turnpike, a dirt road and a mountain climb. Good day for people who ride a bike.

You can see the pictures below. They are self explanatory. However, we thought we would post the pictures we wished we would have taken if we would have had a camera when we saw what we had a camera when we saw the event take place.
1). Like when it started raining in Maine and we pulled over in front of a fire department. Robin was going to put on her rain gear pants and fell right on her butt in front of the firemen. Wish we had a camera.
2). Another one was when we went to that expensive Bed and Breakfast in Cap Code. They have these plush white bath robes hanging in the closet. So, David put one on after a nice shower. Either B&B travelers are all really small men or David is really getting fat. If we had the camera for this it would be illegal to put that picture on the blog. Let's just say the robe was a size 7 and David isn't.
3). Then there was the picture of Robin trying on the her new Harley boots (the olds ones split on the soles). She had on her new boots, her black Harley socks, a short pair of Kakki shorts and a black tank top ... Can you say, "Harley Chick." (David actually took the picture but has been strickly warned what would happen if he post it to the blog ... stay tune some day after we return home.)
4). Then, the picture we didn't get that was the best picture of the worst moment of our trip. Tonight David was so upset that he hasn't seen a moose (although we have seen at least 100 signs warning us about moose crossings) that he went to the ice cream store and was forced to order a very large "Moose Tracks" ice cream cone. Robin, so she cna fit into those tight little Kakki shorts and her Harley boots, ordered a yogurt in a waffle cone. As David was feeding on his Moose Tracks tripple scoop, Robin decided she didn't like the yogurt and was going to toss it in the garbage and just eat the waffle cone. Now, here is where we needed the camera. As she knocked the yogurt into the garbage can she also knocked 90% of the waffle cone into the same can; worse moment of the trip ... a whole waffle cone gone ... just like that. David felt so bad that she lost her entire cone (who throws any type of ice cream away ... really now?) As we walked back to the hotel in silence, remembering this terrible moment, David ate all three scoops of his moose tracks and his entire waffle cone. He never offered one bite to Robin (should have had a camera for that).

Here are the other pictures we did get. Tomorrow we head for Utica, NY. (P.S. we only had rain for a few miles today.)

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