Friday, July 3, 2009

No Video Tales on Tail of the Dragon

Well, we'll have to go to "Take Two" to get videos of the Tail of the Dragon. It was a great ride and very thrilling, if not dangerous at times (although last year's Pacific Coast Highway - the PCH - was much more frightening). However, during the ride the video camera failed to respond as well as the Harley did on each curve. So, we ended the ride with great thrills but no video to show you. We decided we would go back on the 4th and ride it again. Of course, that would be tough ... to ride it again. But, someone has to do it! We will actually ride through it and turn around and come back (so three times total). Hopefully the video camera will cooperate and you will see why it was so urgent to go back. We did have several camera guys take our picture on each curve so we will buy one of those once they are posted to the photographer's web site. Here are some pictures of the day, however.

Man and His Machine!!

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