Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is an alley in Boston. It is actually a "Pub Alley" which technically is an alley where there are lots of pubs. Hence "Pub Alley." A technical term in Boston.

Today we arrived from Cape Cod and landed just a few miles short of downtown Boston. So, we took a train ride to downtown and found much to do. Street theater was popular. Here is a picture of some guys on a ladder doing a balancing act. Kind of reminds you of life, doesn't it.

However, David learned the hard way not to wear a Harley shirt and stand too close to the act. He was "volunteered" to help out. It began with some push ups (Yes, if you watch David did one more than the other guys and did finish the required 10 before they did ... watch closely Daniel).

The point of the pushups was to get strong enough to hold a roop that this juggler was going to stand on while he juggled swords. So, thanks to Daivd (and 10 other guys not seen on film) the show went on as scheduled.

There are plenty more videos to add demonstrating David's strength and skill (and the guy juggling who kept trying to steal the show) but we didn't want to publish them and embarrass Dan).

We ended the evening with a trip to Mike's Pastry which is a "must see and buy" pastry shop. After all that work David needed to fill up on cannoli and frosting.

Tommorrow we go to Gloucester, Mass to take a boat to Whale watch. "Gloucester!" Now that is a New England town. So, return to the blog tomorrow as we will have plenty of pictures. Assuming the weather is good, the ship's GPS is better than the one on the Harley and the Whales are up early enough to be photographed on our camera.

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~Kristie~ said...

That other guy never had a chance with the push-up contest....(You've had so much practice from all the names you messed up on the soccer field)

Every where we go, Dan get's picked to be a 'demonstrator' too - Maybe it is the HARLEY shirts.....