Saturday, July 18, 2009

There She Blows!!

What can be better than living on a boat and driving a Harley on vacation? (At least on this side of glory?). Taking the Harley from Boston to Gloucester, Mass. and boarding a boat to go whale watching! When we boarded the boat we were told that we "had a chance" to see three different types of whales. The smaller (25 ft.) Minke whale, the famous and most desired to see (according to the ships crew), Humpback whale (50 ft.), and the second largest mamamel on earth, the Finback Whale (75 ft.). After a 1 1/2 hour ride from the Gloucester port heading on a bearing of 45-75 degrees NNE we landed directly over the Stellwagen Banks in the Gulf of Maine. Within minutes we not only saw one of these whales but all three at the same time. The day could not have been clearer or the trip better for seeing whales. These huge animals are amazing to see. The only negative on the whole trip was we have a very poor camera for capturing pictures of whales (but Robin did an exceptional job with poor equipment) and there was no Starbucks on board. Not a bad day. Here are some videos of what we could see and a couple of the other passengers boarding the boat in the harbor. Of course we knew we would have a great time as our three-year-old grandson, Aiden, prayed that Meema (grandma Robin) would be safe on her "field trip."

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