Saturday, July 4, 2009

Videos of the Dragon

Well, this time the video camera worked. However, yesterday we had no one in front of us the entire way and today on the trip south and then back north we had someone in front of us. So, it was slower but still quite a fun ride. As to other rides we have done we would rank them as follows: 1) Highway 101, Pacific Coast Highway, CA (Best Overall Ride). 2) Beartooth Pass, Montana (Most Fearful). 3) Tail of the Dragon, TN (Most Technical and Tiring). 4). I-50 From Sacramento into Lake Tahoe (Most Scenic). 5) Yellowstone National Park (Most Entertaining ... Buffalo, Elk, etc.)

Videos of the other rides are on last year's blog below. But, here is some Tail of the Dragon video. Again, with bikes in front of you it is tough to ride it the way you want. David was especially frustrated that he let two crotch rockets in front of him thinking they would soon be out of the way. But, as you can hear him say on one of the videos he was following the only two crotch rockets in Tennessee who couldn't ride.
First a couple of pre-Tail of the Dragon curves:

Just as we entered the Tail David allowed two rice burners to go ahead of him thinking they would leave the Harley in their dust. See what happens. If you listen you can hear David talk to them ... or, to himself:

Here is some video in the small amount with no one in front of us:

One last video of a really great ride. But you would have to be a biker to really appreciate all this we suppose:

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~Kristie~ said...

I got sick just watching one of them......... :)