Friday, July 10, 2009

Wow!! What a ride.

We took a great ride today (almost 300 miles) from Morehead City, NC, through Kitty Hawk, NC on the outer banks and then up to Norfolk, Virginia where we have a great hotel right on Chesapeake Bay. We are going to stay here two days because it is so nice. Here is the map of our travels up from Myrtle Beach on Wednesday. The trip out to Kitty Hawk was worth they extra 80 miles it added to our trip. No wonder the Wright brothers tried to fly out there. The wind on the outer banks is so strong the Harley wanted to fly. We had some great scenery (check out the video at 70 miles an hour going along Aligator River which flows from the outer banks to the

The money people have our there must be amazing as you can see by the boats they own with the condos they own. (If you click on the pictures you can see them a lot better.) Last night we spent the night in Morehead City and I took a great picture on my camera phone of Robin in front of some of the fishing boats. Isn't she a hottie!!! Notice the name of the boat in the back ground over Robin's shoulder. That says it all for me!! This was a good trip that included buying two more Harley shirts (we already mailed three home) at Kitty Hawk Harley Davidson.We took several very long bridges to get to the outer banks:
Sand Castles someone made on the beach:
This is a battle ship or air craft carrier we could see from our balconey in Norfolk that was coming in. Click on the picture for a better look. If you think that looks small, it was way off the horizon for us and you can see the boat to the right to compare the size. There were three boats like the one to the right of the big boat escorting it in.


~Kristie~ said...

Love the new harley t-shirts.....wearing one right now ;)

David Hulings said...

Hope Dan liked the seat too :))