Monday, July 27, 2009

Cleveland OH ... best burger on the road

We'll we finally left Niagara Falls, NY after three days and landed 210 miles southwest in Cleveland, OH. We thought we would go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For all you rock and roll fans this may sound disheartened, but we didn't go see it. We arrived in Cleveland early enough (noon), but David wanted to write and Robin wanted to swim (she hurts so much from swimming twice a day ... but, yet, she keeps going). So, David wrote and Robin went swimming. For dinner we took in a local pub called the West Park Station. We were able to get there early enough to have a cheeseburger for $5.00 with fries. Not only was it the best burger we had on the trip, we also spent the least we have for dinner anywhere. All that in the Buckeye State. David has to hold his nose just going through the state. (Just kidding Jeremy).

The good news is David had a new client contact him this morning via email and wanted to meet with him tomorrow. On vacation that is tough. But, the client just happens to be one exit off I-80 prior to the one we would normally take to Michigan, in Toledo. So, David is making a call on a client. It took 4,250 miles to get to the client (via Myrtle Beach, SC and Bar Harbor, ME) but he is going to get there. Wonder if the IRS will buy this?

Tomorrow we head for Birch Run, MI after David's appointment and then Wednesday onto our favorite hotel in our favorite city; the Park Hotel in Traverse City (it is our favorite city next to Chicago).

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