Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Two

750 miles Today. We underestimated what 750 miles would take ... take out of us. Just to give you some insight. How far is 750 miles on a Harley? Same as in a car ... I know. But, 750 miles is a trip from Muskegon to Tiger Stadium in Detroit ... back to Muskegon ... back to Tiger Stadium and then almost to Grand Rapids back. 750 miles on a motorcycle is long enough foryou to tan both arms, peal and tan again. What does it feel like to get off the bike after 750 miles? Well, when you lay on the bed your knees are pointing to the ceiling, straight up. Tomorrow .. considerably less. We have gone 1,175 and are half way to Portland.

Here's a better of picture of Robin ... I'm supposed to delete yesterdays ... but I won't. We took this with Robin's hair just perfect before we got on the bike for the day. I wish she would let me put one up of what it looked like after 750 miles.

The second picture is of David in front of a Harley Dealer. First one we stopped at on the trip. We bought nothing. First time that has ever happened.


Kristie said...

750 miles on a Harley IS NOT THE SAME as 750 miles in a car!!!!!
(no it isnt!)
the most we ever did was 492 in one day, and I thought I wouldn't make guys are seasoned veterans, though,
happy riding!!

Bonjernoor said...

YEAH! Half way here!!!! Glad your "taking it easy: and only riding 400 today! :)