Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 3 - Ogden, Utah

We exchanged the flat land of Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska for the rolling hills of Wyoming. However, as we reached the western end of Wyoming we literally elevated our ride. We went through Flaming Gorge, Wyoming and went from 100 degrees in temperature in the valley to 80 degrees in the top of the mountain. Pictures don't capture the ride, but each "gorge" we went through added more amazing photos for the mind around each bend. The nice thing about the ride (beside the view) was the speed limit is 75 and the curves are tight ... even tighter at 80ish.

450 miles today. 1700 or so thus far. 700 plus to go. Tomorrow, a short ride of 300 to Boise, ID. Rain is predicted for the day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Two

750 miles Today. We underestimated what 750 miles would take ... take out of us. Just to give you some insight. How far is 750 miles on a Harley? Same as in a car ... I know. But, 750 miles is a trip from Muskegon to Tiger Stadium in Detroit ... back to Muskegon ... back to Tiger Stadium and then almost to Grand Rapids back. 750 miles on a motorcycle is long enough foryou to tan both arms, peal and tan again. What does it feel like to get off the bike after 750 miles? Well, when you lay on the bed your knees are pointing to the ceiling, straight up. Tomorrow .. considerably less. We have gone 1,175 and are half way to Portland.

Here's a better of picture of Robin ... I'm supposed to delete yesterdays ... but I won't. We took this with Robin's hair just perfect before we got on the bike for the day. I wish she would let me put one up of what it looked like after 750 miles.

The second picture is of David in front of a Harley Dealer. First one we stopped at on the trip. We bought nothing. First time that has ever happened.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Harley Trip - Portland, Oregon

Well, we left today after church for our annual-July-Harley-Adventure. We are headed to Portland, Oregon to see Robin's daughter, Tiffany (Jeremy, Gabby and Aiden) and her son, Justin (Tammy). We expect to hit our annual 6,000 miles and take in some outstanding sites God places in our path. I thought I would start the trip by explaining to you why I know I have a Harley wife. Here are my top ten reasons I know I have the perfect Harley wife:

#10 - She lets me fulfill my life long dream of riding a motorcycle cross country (too many "Bronson" shows as a kid growing up) and even suggests we take our third one in a row.

#9 - She can pack all she has to wear for 30 days on the rode in a little bag that fits alone in her saddle bag.

#8 - When she realizes she really can't fit everything in that bag from the selection she really wants to bring and has to decide between a top that matches her purse and a little nighty ... she picks the little nighty.

#7 - When she is on the back of the bike and I don't really even know she is there when I have to lean left or right.

#6 - When she is on the back of the bike and is wearing a tank top and it causes all the other bikers to stare for a very long time at my bike like they are admiring my ride.

#5 - When she gets mad at me for posting a picture like the one I did on this blog posting.

#4 - When she can find a Starbucks in cornfield in Iowa.

#3 - When we are eating dinner and some guy comes over and offers her $40.00 worth of coupons for the meal we just ordered that was going to cost me $25.00.

#2 - When we have already gone 350 miles for the day and we still have 50 to go, its late and the heat is pouring off the pipes and she still is says, "If you want to go farther then the 50 I'm up for it."

#1 - When we are going through Iowa on a straight-away and she leans forward and presses herself against my back and whispers, "So, just how fast can this Harley go, anyway?" (Well, no, Robin didn't ask that, but a guy can wish can't he? Plus, 9 out of 10 isn't bad).

We went over 400 miles today and have 1,899 (according to the GPS) to Tiffany's house.