Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 11 - Tillamook, OR

Still no internet unless we go to town. We can post something written via our iPhones but no pictures unless we go to town. So, we are in town. Three miles or so down the mountain and then six or seven miles to town and we are here. So, why no pictures? David left the cord on top of the mountain to connect to the iPhone camera to download the pictures and video. So, you will have to pretend we posted the following pictures.

Pretend you now see the top of the clouds. We are on top of the mountain but there is cloud cover on the valley floor. So, the picture is from the BIG HOUSE on top of the clouds. Gives the expression, "head in the clouds" a whole new meaning.

Pretend you are looking at three large scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip, Oregon Strawberry and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. In the background of one picture you have Aiden with a spoon and a big smile. In the other picture you have the same ice cream scoops with David and a very large spoon in the background. Which one ordered the three large scoops from Tillamook Cheese Factory where they make their own ice cream: Aiden or David? (If you don't know, just look at the bellies of each of them and you can tell who makes the habit of ordering ice cream this way.)

Pretend you are looking at a video of a deer in the front "lawn" of the BIG HOUSE. The deer is moving back into the woods because it is tired of David staring at it. Great video - but embarrassing for the doe, however. Her hair was not done and her nails needed work.

Pretend you are looking at a storm coming in over the ocean and across the valley and you are above the storm. Nice shot with the camera but an amazing thing to see from above the storm clouds.

Pretend you are seeing Robin in ... Oops! Not supposed to post that picture ...