Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Seattle, WA to Bismarck, ND

WOW!!! What a ride. We have gone 1,350 miles since we left Seattle on Sunday and every mile was a Kodak moment. We could have stopped at any mile marker to take a picture (but, we would still be traveling). It is really hard to take it all in. Montana is great. When they say, "Big Sky Country", think bigger. When they say "gorge" they don't mean a hole in the ground ... they mean your eyes hurt from all you are taking in. If they say "Over the next pass" they mean hold on and watch each curve in the road (don't ask Robin about David taking one at 75 m.p.h. and getting the "line" wrong.). Also, if you are in Butte, MT don't ask the lady at Walmart if they have a Starbucks in town. She will take a personal offense to the question. Her exact words, "I don't do the coffee scene."

In Montana, Cowboy hats and boots out number baseball caps and sneakers, 10-1. Gorges almost out number the number of clouds we saw and it seems like mountains out number people. When they put a sign up on the road that warns about possible animals crossing in the road, it simply states: "Game Crossing" ahead. They can't use just one animal or picture.

Their food is as good as their landscape. We ate at the Rusty Moose in Spokane (right on the edge of Washington and Montana) and he ordered the Outlaw Steak Sandwich (12"). It is by far the best sandwich ever consumed. He ate 10" of it and brought the rest back to the room where he simply forgot it the next day.

Here are some pictures but we didn't take too many. It was just too much fun riding and gawking.

Tomorrow: Duluth, MN (We think the great landscape is done until we get to the U.P.).

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