Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 6 - Portland, OR

Seven things you should know about taking your grandkids to the movies while on vacation in order to make the day a success:

1. Pick a good movie - Toy Story 3 is one of those movies.

2. Don't try to watch a World Cup game on your MobilTV on your iPhone during the movie ... your grandson will point out that your not watching the movie.

3. Throw-in a train ride to get to the movies. (However, make sure you know how to purchase a ticket from the machine at the train station or your grandkids will have to show you how to do it).

4. Make sure the movie theater is at the mall near a Build a Bear store. (Did you know they actually bring a bear to life in that store?)

5. Make sure there is a Barnes and Noble near by and you can find a good Where's Waldo book (my eyes hurt from the strain of searching for Waldo).

6. Walk back from the train station and watch your grandson splash in puddles on the walk back to the house.

7. End the day with a camp out in a tent ... on the deck.

Great day today in Portland ... not a bad movie, either ... plus, we had a great time and didn't even ride the Harley ... it was raining.

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