Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 19 - Oregon Coast Ride

We finally left the Big House in Tillamook. The only problem with staying in a 7,000 square for log home for a couple of weeks is cleaning it. When you are used to cleaning a 300 square foot boat it is a little different. David even vacuumed ... yes, that's right ... with a real vacuum. It took him most of the day.

Although we were headed for Tiffany's house in Portland for a couple of days before heading home, we decided to take a ride down the Oregon Coast. We went from below 50 degrees along the ocean and then up to 90 degrees when we got to Portland. We only took one picture but it does show the rugged Oregon coast and some of the many scenes we past.

We also added a picture from Tammy's super camera of a Starfish from the Tide Pools from the other day. It really shows what we wanted to show you from our picture.

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