Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 4 - Bosie, Idaho

Great ride into Idaho. Very scenic and hot, but a great ride. We only went 300 or so miles, got into Boise early and spent time around the city before checking into a great hotel for the evening. We thought we would give you our "Most Awards" for the trip so far.

1. Most foolish statement: We are at a Harley dealer in Wyoming and we ask a guy who is sitting outside the dealer, "Do you know if there is a Starbucks close by?" He answers, "No, I never really thought about paying twice as much as I need to for a cup of coffee." He says this and pulls away on a Harley he paid $20,000.00 plus for and could have bought a Honda or Yamaha for half as much.

2. Most surprising statement: "Do you want ice cream with that black berry cobbler?"

3. Most in your face statement: When David asked our waiter in Egdon, UT if the clouds we had seen all day ever really produced rain or just faked it, the waiter replied, "I'm a waiter, not a weather man ... how would I know." (David still left him a tip).

4. Most honest statement: We asked the hotel clerk in Egdon, UT if there was a Starbucks in the direction we were going. He stated, "Nothing that way but Jack Rabbits."

5. Most shocking statement: We went to a movie in Boise, Idaho and paid $20.00 for two tickets. When we ordered two pops and a bucket of pop corn the cashier said, "That will be $18.50, please." (It was nice that she said please for such an outrageous price).

6. Most kindest statement: "Sir, I have $49.00 worth of coupons for this restaurant that I can't use and would like to give them to you for your meal tonight." (Some 20 year old in a Sports Bar in Iowa City, Iowa.)

7. Most favored statement: When we used the $49.00 to pay for our $25.00 meal we asked the waitress if we could give those left over to someone else and she said yes. We gave them to her and she said thanks.

8. Most delightful statement: "Mee-ma, Mee-ma," Said by Aiden when Grandma Robin got off the Harley and got her first hug since January.

9. Most possible comment to sleep alone: We are sitting at an iHop for breakfast and Robin looks at David and without smiling and quite seriously says, "Oh, look, honey ... they have a senior menu for you." (David did not order from the senior menu).

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Kristie said...

Love this blog post!!
Thanks for the laugh this morning!
If only they had a senior menu at STARBUCKS......