Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 8 a Tillamook, OR (no Internet)

We are in the house on the mountain in Tillamook, on the ocean on Oregon's coast.  The house is so huge our boat could fit in the living room.  It has everything but Internet access - but who needs it with the view of the ocean, bears, elk and mountains?  We have to use our iPhone to update the blog but haven't figured how to post pictures, only brief comments.   We will post picture when we go to town Robin insists we go in each day to the YMCA and swim

We are having a great time.  David misses riding the Harley everyday, but he is anxious to final start writing.  The house is more than a great place to write.  

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Kristie said...

You couldn't figure out how to install wi-fi before you got there??
(Katie told me the story about the soccer camp!) ;)