Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday, Day 25 - Bismarck ND to Traverse City, MI

We haven't blogged since Tuesday? We have gone from Bismarck, ND to a night in Duluth (cold place) to a night in Marquette in the U.P. (still cold) to our favorite place outside of home ... Park Place Hotel in Traverse City.

We have traveled just over 5,000 miles. We decided to use this blog to highlight our favorite and not-so-favorite aspects of the trip. We've also posted a few pictures of some scenes from this section of the trip.

1. Favorite man: The man smiling from ear to ear on the side of the road as he watched his dog take a poop (he really looked like "he" was enjoying it more than the dog).

2. Least favorite women: Lady in the pool who knew David was swimming in a particular lane and she just stood in the middle of the lane when he was ready to swim back.

3. Favorite gorge or section of highway: Entering Utah from Idaho. Would do it again tomorrow if it wasn't 2,000 miles away.

4. Least favorite section of highway: All of Nebraska.

5. Favorite meal: Steak sandwich at the Rusty Moose in Spokane, WA

6. Least favorite meal: breakfast at Krolls Diner in Bismarck, ND (we stopped because it was voted the "best breakfast in North Dakota." All we can think is that there are some pretty bad breakfast places in North Dakota.)

7. Favorite thing to hope for: Seeing Elk each day at the Big House in Tillamook, OR.

8. Least favorite thing to do: Not see any Elk in Tillamook, OR at the Big House.

9. Favorite Bumper Sicker: A bumper sticker in Tillamook that read, "Treat your children nice ... they will pick your nursing home."

10. Least favorite car: Subaru. It has two speeds: SLow and Slower. No matter what the driver looks like there is a little old lady inside them.

11. Favorite speed limit: Montana at 75 and all the bends in the road.

12. Least Favorite speed limit: 50 going through the wilderness in Minnasota with no other traffic for miles.

13. Favorite hotel: Park Place in Traverse City (high rates, small room, great view, wonderful tradition to end our trip here each year).

14. Least Favorite hotel: AmericaInn in Wyoming where we forgot we made reservations and stayed at the Holiday Inn instead. They still charged us $110.00.

15. Favorite thing to find: A Starbucks in North Dakota when we had driven 450 miles.

15. Least favorite thing to find; No Starbucks in a town ... why wouldn't Traverse City have a Starbucks (other than one in Meijers)?

16. Favorite accomplishment: 750 miles riding in one day our 2nd day.

17. Least favorite day: The day after riding 750 miles and not finding a hotel with a room and then realizing we had made reservations at a AmericaInn (the same one that won't give us our money back for not calling them even though we didn't stay there).

18. Favorite desert: Peach cobbler in Utah.

19. Least favorite desert: No such thing?

20. Favorite evening activity: Going for a walk at the Big House trying to be quiet to see a bear.

21. Least Favorite evening activity: Watching Animal Planet a week later and they re-enacted bear attacks where the bears killed people who were walking too quiet in the woods.

22. Favorite State: Washington - way too much to see in the day and 1/2 we were there.

23. Least favorite state: Nebraska or Illinois

24. Favorite Harley Dealer: We must be getting too seasoned on our trips since we stopped at very few. However, the Harley dealer in Portland built a chrome clamp for our new GPS. Looks great. And, they did it for free.

25. Least favorite Harley Dealer: One in Seattle that has no bikes - just shirts. What a waste.

26. Favorite thing to visit: The YMCA in Tillamook to go lap swimming each each day.

27. Least Favorite thing to visit: Gum wall in Seattle - a wall where people chew a piece of gum and stick it to the wall. Why?

28. Favorite thing to do: Be together

29. Least favorite thing to do: Get up in the morning

30. Favorite thing to plan: Next years trip - Muskegon to Mobil, AL to San Antonio Texas to Yellowstone, to South Dakota to Northern USA-Canada Boarder to Muskegon.

31. Favorite fun thing to do: Hang out with grandkids and kids in Portland and Tillamook.

32. Favorite funny thing to do: Down load the sounds of Elk calling on David's iPhone via You-Tube and walk through the woods in Tillamook hoping to call a moose.

Picture of Tunnel of Trees on US 119 North of Traverse City:

Picture of kids diving into Lake Superior (55 degrees) in Duluth:

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tandj warber said...

I loved the elk noises on the iPhone. I still think there was one in the bushes!