Monday, July 21, 2008

Big Horn Pass Little Cattle Drive ..

When we left today we were thinking a boring ride from Cody, Wyoming to Buffalo, Wyoming. It was supposed to be 185 miles of routine riding. After all, what more could we take. We have traversed the sharp drop offs of the Pacific Coast Highway; climbed the heights and depths of Lake Tahoe (9,600 feet); taken a breathtaking ride via Yellowstone National Park; and, went up and over the almost 11,000 foot Beartooth Pass. Nothing can get better (maybe the Dragon in the Smokie Mountains, but we are too far away to go there). So, today we left and took in about 70 miles pure Wyoming nature (a few heads of cattle and a single antelope). Then we saw the sign - it said, "when lights are flashing road closed 14 miles ahead." How many times do you see a sign like that in Michigan. Well, 14 miles ahead was the Big Horn pass. Simply picturesque ... think John Wayne movie where he rides through a tight pass on a big horse. Then we saw the second sign, "open range, loose stock." We saw it twice. Robin was thinking "oven" and David was thinking "investment." Then it happened: Right in front of us was a cattle drive. A small one but a cattle drive non-the-less: horses, cattle and a herding dog. And, just so you know we finally got out of the mountains after a 9 mile drop at from the top of Big Horn pass, Robin actually feel asleep the last 30 miles. Yes, asleep on the back of the Harley. David is such a smooth operator. We are having trouble uploading pictures and video but we will keep trying. We are 4,600 miles down and only five more states to go. David has two chapters left in the book and a week to get them done. Life is good. Robin, I said life is good ... Robin? Robin? I think she's sleeping.

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Tiff said...

These pictures are way cool! I can't wait to show Gabby! We love reading your blog everyday! I even got some people at work hooked! Miss and Love you guys!