Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you know you are in a bike town?

We are in Sturgis. Famous Sturgis, SD. In less than two weeks there will be over 300,000 motorcycles. Today there are about 30. But, you still know that you are in a bike town when the following takes place: 1). You have rags outside your hotel room door to wipe off your bike. 2). You have more t-shirts shops than gas stations. 3). You have more bars than t-shirts shops. 4). You get 10% off your room because you ride a Harley. 5). You get to your room and there is a picture over the King size bed of the Sturgis Rally. 6). Some guy pulls up in a pick-up truck from Texas to admire your bike, holding up traffic for three other cars, and no one honks their horn at him to move on. 7). The guy admiring your bike sternly warns you not to show his wife the cushy seat you bought for your wife ... and, you heed his warnings because he looks mean. 8). The Harley store in town has a check out system larger than Walmart. 9). Everyone in town looks at you like you belong there. 10). At the center of town instead of a memorial to some dead guy(s) is a motorcycle museum. The ride from Buffalo to Sturgis was pretty boring. We did see a lot of antelope and for the first time we got hit with rain. David thinks it was 12 drops but Robin insists it was 15 (she is usually right on this trip). Tomorrow we leave for Mount Rushmore and then to a little town called Murdo (not sure about that). The pictures we have are of the Welcome to Sturgis sign, the downtown minus the 300,000 bikes and the picture over our bed (It is very personal to share such pictures but we thought we would reveal our darker side).


Tiff said...

Just wanted to say hi! Take lot's of pics at Mt Rushmore. I've always wanted to go there! Every time Aiden sees someone that looks like you ( well anyone who has no hair!) he says "theres Umpa! And then I have to remind him you are on your motorcycle vacation! He misses you more then you know and so do I!!!! We love you! Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

Haha! That is so true so many T-shirts shops! There is so much to see at Sturgis but I think I would be most excited to see all the custom bikes, and to get all the free stuff! Who doesn’t love free stuff?
I actually just started working with progressive motorcycle insurance and I have been finding out more about the whole motorcycle culture. It’s so cool. Since finding out more about the whole “Motorcycle Culture” I have heard nothing but how amazing Sturgis is and I can’t wait to check it out. We’ll be at Thunder Road at Sturgis giving away a FREE Exclusive Sucker Punch Sallys custom-designed T-shirt. All you have to do is visit http://motorcycle.progressive.com/, go to where it says Events and Rallies and print out the coupon. Present that coupon at our booth at Thunder Road and get your free exclusively designed Sucker Punch Sallys T-shirt, only given away at Sturgis. We’ll also have some other free fun stuff you got to check out, you’ll see once you get there. Oh, and while you’re there you can also enter to win a custom Suck Punch Sally’s bike. It’s an old school beauty.
Come on over to the progressive booth, we would love to say hello!
Hope I didn’t over step my bounds by posting on your blog, and if you have any questions or want more info please feel free to shoot me an e-mail!
Hope to see you there. Ride Safe.
Gia Anderson
Brand Ambassador