Friday, July 25, 2008

Off the path again ... best city in America

We have no pictures again today. We still have the camera, we just have had nothing to take a picture of. However, we did decide to go off road for awhile. We were supposed to go to Minneapolis, MN for today. But, half way up the road we changed our mind and went off the map we had worked months to prepare. We headed for Rochester, MN (think Mayo Clinic). There was no reason to do so, but we did anyhow. However, when we arrived (we are actually in the Mayo Clinic hotel) we discovered Rochester was voted the number one city in America to live in. The reason for their number one selection is their emphasis on nutrition and healthy living (think Mayo Clinic again). So, if you are in the best city in America for healthy living where do you go for dinner and what do you order. Well, we went to Newts, a small pub-bar upstairs and above another restaurant. Newts was selected as the best burger for the past four years in the best city in America. Nothing nutritious about it. It was big, greasy and good. And it came complete with a bunch of fries. So, what does that say about the rest of America if this is the healthiest place to live? Of course, we could have ordered a salad. But, what fun is that? We are, after all, on vacation. Maybe tomorrow we will get the camera out.


~Kristie~ said...

I notice we have no pictures, again. Is that because you are both wasting away to nothing???

Glad to hear you ate a greasy burger. Did Robin eat a whole one??

David & Robin's Motorcycle Adventures said...

she is eating just as much as me. But, she swims three hours while I sit on my butt and write. It shows in our body types.