Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Lions .... Return to Michigan and finish manuscript

We left Green Bay today and David decided to try out the aspect of shouting as loud as you can in Green Bay, "Go Lions and Packers suck." So, here is where the challenge began, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Today just happened to be the first day of practice for the Packers and we just happened to get gas at a station right next to their practice field. David was ready to yell out his wise words but Robin said no because there a lot of little baby Packer fans (little boys) and she thought it unkind to hurt their dreams. Isn't that just like Robin. She was really protecting David from getting his head bashed in but covered it with her concern for little kids. What a gal!! ON A MORE IMPORTANT NOTE, DAVID FINISHED THE MANUSCRIPT AT 6:40 P.M. MICHIGAN TIME. 168 pages and 31 days later and he is done. We had to get back to Michigan to finish what was started in Michigan. Now he has two days to read through it and change it all before we get home either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the weather. Time to go. We usually have desert by now and David is in a celebratory mood. That means two pieces of cake. The sail boat was in Escanaba Harbor.

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