Monday, July 14, 2008

South Lake Tahoe

We arrived this morning in South Lake Tahoe (think Silver Lake on lots of steroids, placed in a cereal bowl and surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains). The ride was great as the curves through the Eldorado's Pine Forest was more than amazing (think yesterday's PCH only replace the ocean with a river and the mountain walls with very big pine trees). We followed two guys on Hondas (I know, it's not good for a Harley to follow Hondas) because they looked like they knew what they were doing. But, they were empty with no one on the back. David is not sure if Robin will ever go back through there at that speed with him again. We took a little short cut but have no pictures. The two Hondas kept going but the GPS said turn. So, David turned. It took us down a road that eventually connected back with the two Honda riders. Did we say "road?" (think goat path on the side of a mountain in Afghanistan). It was 5 hours later and Robin still hadn't opened her eyes.
We are staying at a friends house in Tahoe and it is really, really, really wonderful. Glen and Mary Bo are letting us use it. Well, actually, Glen's dad is letting us use it but he is in Alaska. Tomorrow is a full day of just writing and relaxing in Tahoe. So, probably no blog for tomorrow ... unless David can get Robin to open her eyes and take some pictures ... he's thinking of going back up the goat path. (3,300 miles and seven chapters in the book done with five to go).

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~Kristie~ said...

Sounds like you are having a great time!!
I got up this morning and opened your email you sent to me - entitled: We are in Vegas! - I'm like "what?? I thought they already went there. Well, I guess they must've LOVED Vegas so much that they went back. Maybe to gamble or something."

Then I realized you sent the email on the 10th - when you were in Vegas - and I just got it this morning....
Could've gotten faster through SNAIL MAIL.