Friday, July 11, 2008

We Made It To The Ocean

Second Blog for Friday. From our boat on a little lake in Spring Lake we traveled 2799 miles just to see another lake ... the Pacific Ocean. We arrived today (Friday) one day early. We were going to stop for the night in Mojave City in the Mojave Desert. But, it was almost 105 at 10:00 a.m. when we got there, so we kept going. We ran into some riders from Ohio (the same ones we ran into in New Mexico on Tuesday). So, we followed them right to a Starbucks in Ventura, CA. We went to a high price hotel on the ocean and it was just too much. But, we thought "why not" we had gone so far. But, when we went back in the lady at the desk gave us a special rate (1/2 the cost originally). It was less than some of the hotels we paid in Texas and Oklahoma. So, out the window you can hear the Pacific Ocean, we are one day early and the temperature is so nice we have the slider open and we can hear the waves hitting the shore. Finally, water ... we must be home. Tomorrow we go up the coast to Morro Bay and then on to San Jose. The pictures today are: first the mountains in the Mojave Desert; second is the thermometer at Baker, CA, gateway to Death Valley (we ate breakfast there at 9:00 a.m. and the temp was 95); third is Robin and the Pacific Ocean out our hotel deck; fourth looking back toward the East where all of you are ... your just over that mountain.

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~Kristie~ said...

I'm so happy you finally made it!!!

PS: (It seemed fast to me) :)