Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Your not in Kansas anymore Dorothy ...

First, we are not supposed to be in Kansas. It's one state we aren't even going to visit. Second, I am not with Dorothy, I'm with Robin, but you get the point. We are not in Michigan anymore. So, here are our top ten reasons we know we are not in Michigan. #10. Rather than the roads going over or around a mountain you just go through it. #9. You can drive 180 miles and never see a police officer on the highway. #8. Potholes on the highway refers only to where people hide marijuana in their cars for the sake of smuggling it. #7 When you see a cow they have long, long pointed horns. #6. A cowboy hat is worn for functionality not a fashion statement. #5. You actually pass a exit that says, "Country Road #100" and its a real exit with a real road. #4. When you hear it is a "good day for a motorcycle ride" and that means almost every day. #3. You wear shorts and a tank top on the Harley and you look like any other Harley rider. #2. Someone says it is going to cool off tonight and that means the temperature will still be ten degrees higher than the average high in Michigan. And, the top reason you know you are not in Michigan anymore: You can't give your kids and grandkids a lick on the forehead or a kiss on the cheek unless it is via a webcam broadcast. (800 miles down, 5,200 to go; 3 states down and 13 to go; 1 chapter written on the manuscript and 9 to go). (The picture is of a Route 66 dinner outside Ft. Leonard Wood, MO(


Bonjernoor said...

I can't wait to read your book, because your blog is amazing!!! Miss you, we love reading your blog and seeing the pics!!! Gabby will be here in less then 2 hours!!!

~Kristie~ said...

COOL top ten!!
Eyli likes the licks on the forehead - especially over WEBCAM!! :) - Enjoy the ride in the rain.....Are you kidding me, why don't you just stay in the hotel, till the rain stops??