Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who vacations in Idaho?

At the risk of insulting some great people in Idaho and realizing we hale from Fruitport, MI, who really vacations in Idaho? We ask, seriously. Have you ever heard anyone say they were looking forward to their long vacation to IDAHO? Well, here we are. We left Winnemucca, NV early this morning and traveled 298 miles (one of our longest trips) on very boring I-80 then up NV93 to Twin Falls. The scenery was similar to Arizona , but we are about 700 miles directly north of that state. We actually traveled 67 miles through Nevada and only saw 3 houses. Where in Michigan can you travel that far without seeing a house? Oh, yes, that's right the U.P. (we'll be there in a week and check it out). We did come across Salmon Falls Creek. We saw no salmon and no falls (they have a lot of names like that around these parts). We did see some horses grazing nearby. And the rock face had all kinds of initials and messages that people painted on them. But, since we didn't have our nutty son-in-law Dan to climb up there with some spray paint we simply left with no message for those who follow us. Tomorrow we leave for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Like always the night before we look for hotels in the place we are going the next day. Did you know that no one vacations in Idaho (hotels are good and cheap) but everyone vacations in Jackson Hole, WY? (Hotels start at $180 and up). Tomorrow we may sleep on the ground ... just kidding; we are staying at the Painted Buffalo Inn (there will be no paint or buffalo, but hopefully an inn). We miss you all. Another chapter of the book almost done today and Robin was able to swim in a full size pool ... Let's see, cheap hotels, full size pool, hot cookies served at 5:00, Idaho Joes Restaurant right up the road ... maybe we should vacation in Idaho!!

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~Kristie~ said...

Idaho does not sound exciting to me.....
But then again, I am easily bored.

Glad we're doing the EAST coast next year.