Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where the deer and the buffalo roam

Another great day. We left Amarillo, TX and made it about 5 miles and to the south we saw the strangest ranch ever. It is the famous Cadillac Ranch. The ranch has ten Cadillacs buried up to a third of their body into the clay Texas dirt. The Caddys are very old but they can't rust away because there must be years and years of spray paint holding them together. We put our initials on them as well. We meet a biker group there doing the same thing who were going from Chicago to LA (three of them flew into Chicago from Ireland and one of them actually had a tatoo of the entire route 66 on his arms and back ... it took him three years to put it on). When we got to New Mexico we saw the most amazing change in scenery. The south end of the Rocky Mountains appeared on the horizon and it was just a wonderful place and time to ride. Again, we missed all the rain. We weaved through the rain to the north and the south and then when we arrived in Santa Fe, NM to stay in the most amazing bed and breakfast and covered the bike the heavens opened and the rain came. But, we were already unpacked, covered up and checked in. And, how did we find the great B&B? (Picture is the cafe in the B&B) Another Harley rider escorted us in and asked that they give us a great rate. Her name was Heather and it is a great stay. It is in the middle of Santa Fe's famous Historic District ... amazing place.


~Kristie~ said...

AWESOME!! Isn't it cool that you run into cool people all along the way?? Our favorite day of our trip was when we met up with that Harley rider (NYPD cop) and we rode with him all day.

We are camping, and we have WI-FI
!!!! Can you believe it?? It is really slow, though....
You're in New Mexico!!!! I can't believe you're so far away!!

You guys look TAN and SKINNY!! Aren't you eating??

After The Blackbird Sings said...

Hi, how's it going? Sounds like you guys are having fun.