Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rush to the Badlands

We left Sturgis this morning and drove through the Blackhills of South Dakota. We have no pictures of the Blackhills because it is so dark you can't see anything. That's not true, but we thought we would run it by you all. We don't know why they are called the Blackhills. Looked a lot like the pine trees back home. From there we headed to Mount Rushmore. So, here is a question to see if your smarter than a fifth grader: Which one of the following is not carved into some rock on the cliff face of South Dakota, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt or Bush? (We assume you got the right answer). Once we left Mt. Rushmore (very nice by the way) we headed to the Badlands of South Dakota. They look a little like the Petrified Forest in New Mexico. You know when you have been on a great vacation when you aren't overly taken aback by the Badlands. We are so full of sites we just can't take any more. It is a good thing we are headed for Minnesota (sorry to all you Minnesota blog readers but we need some plain jane sites). We are in Murdo, SD tonight - think Nunica with a six hotels. We leave for Sioux Falls, SD tomorrow. We have a Barnes and Noble, a Starbucks and a Texas Roadhouse set into our GPS. We need a big city.


~Kristie~ said...

You should drive a little further and meet up with us in Chicago. Talk about a BIG city.
We think we went on a "bike trip" - Ya right, the Harley's been parked in a "self park" for 3 days.

Miss you guys!!!
Almost home!

Justin said...

The Blackhills get their name from the Lakota Indians (Sioux... think Dances With Wolves)!