Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where on the earth is the Grand Canyon?

How can you miss something so big? We left Flagstaff today with a ride of about 85 miles to what we thought would be the Grand Canyon in Peach Springs. From there we were to go on to Kingman and then rest and write before we leave for Vegas on Thursday. Going to Kingman via Peach Springs (follow us here) is about 50 miles longer than going there directly. But, the longer way is directly up Route 66 and some of the best scenery we have seen. And, supposedly at the end of the trip in Peach Springs we would see the Grand Canyon. But, when we get there is no Canyon and certainly nothing Grand. How can you drive 1,400 miles and miss a canyon bigger than the entire town you live in? Come to find out we missed it by "this much." I am holding up a thumb and a finger that shows about one inch. But, one inch on the map is about 85 miles. So, we didn't go there and might not. David is thinking about going right to Vegas, get there early and take a helicopter ride over the Canyon. Now, that would be seeing the canyon. Plus maybe then we wouldn't miss it. The pictures today are of the mountains in the background of the bike (not really, it was a picture of the bike in front of a Harley dealer); A nice locomotive (also we found out how today how to do video with our camera so we will get a picture of one of these trains via video); Robin and David drinking home made "Root" beer at Mr. D'z Diner a famous diner on Route 66.


Tiff said...

Take the helicopter, I heard it's amazing!!! Love you Guys!

~Kristie~ said...

OK - you missed the GRAND CANYON? How is that possible? That's almost as bad as driving all the way to California, but not reaching the ocean.

PS: Turn off your CAPTCHA.

Just Kidding......