Friday, July 18, 2008

First Post Friday ... Things you hear

We thought we would give you some insight on what you might hear from either David or Robin if you were traveling with us. These phrases have been said numerous times (sometimes in one day). #11: (When we are getting on a ramp for the highway) Oh, look a truck is in front of us! #10: I think I'll wear these jeans today (Inside joke, we each only brought one pair). #9: "I think I'll swim while you write!" Or, "I think I'll write while you swim!" #8: Could you tell us if there is a Starbucks in this town? #7: "Yes, we rode it all the way from Michigan!" #6: Did the GPS tell us to turn back there? #5: (When David is driving 80 m.p.h. and sees something you might hear this:) Robin, take a picture of that!! #4: "Do you have a pool? Is it clean?" #3: "I love you!" #2: "I miss the kids!" #1: wow. Wow. WOW! Look at THAT! Praise God! (The picture is of us trying to take a picture of ourselves with the Snake River in the background)

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Anonymous said...

What is that nice looking lady doing with that old man? He should have a hat or something.