Saturday, July 5, 2008

Strictly for the son-in-law

We have heard that our son-in-law was up to his elbows in a mess and that he was saying it might be better to be on a cross-country trip on the Harley rather than the boring stuff he had to do. So, we thought we would let him know that it isn't always easy, fun and without problems when you go through 15 states and travel 6,000 miles. We are 1/4 through the trip and have had several bad things happen. For instance, we have discovered that there is not a Starbucks in every town we travel through. How is that for a problem, Dan? Also, when we got to the hotel today and went the pool there was a fly floating on top, so we actually had to walk to their second pool. What a pain. We had a limo ride to the steak house we ate at tonight and the limo wasn't new - can you believe it? It was a classic 1979. We were hoping for a 2008 limo but a 30 year old model would have to do. Also, when we go through all these time changes we have to change two phones, one GPS, one iPod, one Bike clock and one computer. Takes an entire hour out of our day. So, you see Dan, sometimes vacation can have its challenges, too. Hope you have fun with the sewer cleaning job. David wishes he was there to help you, but he thinks he already did put a deposit in that job.

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~Kristie~ said...

Well, this is the son-in-law - I am probably the only one that will leave a comment regarding these issues. In fact, to be quite honest, I'm the only one that even reads the blog.

It took the son-in-law this long to respond, as he was busy disinfecting the crap on his hands. However, I do appreciate the gift of your daughter. By the way, the brand new 2008 Pearl White Harley with 100 miles makes me feel a little better, too.

Can't wait to send the picture to you.

On a serious note, BE Safe, we are keeping you in our prayers.