Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Jester Kind of Day

Today we had a boring ride from Murdo, SD to Sioux Falls, SD. Straight prairie land and not one picture. But, David finished another chapter of the book and only has one left. The last one is on the "Jester." So, to get started we thought we would make this a Jester kinda blog. Today we passed a bull who, in front of the other cattle, had climbed up a small mound of ground (think something a little bigger than a pitcher's mound on a baseball field). Now both Robin and David thought the bull was probably saying something to the rest of the cows. Was it 1). I thought the grass would have been greener on the other side. Or, 2) Well, girls, how do I look?

When we got to Sioux Falls we went to a Barnes and Noble so David could write and Robin could read. Robin sat down a couple of chairs away from David with an old guy (think 70 plus) between them. When David started to make lustful eyes at Robin did the old guy think: 1) I can't believe this punk is making eyes at that nice lady. Or, 2) I wish that punk would leave so I can make a move on this chick next to me?

The last thing we did was find a Texas Roadhouse for a good franchise meal. When the waitress (Becca) came up to the table and found out we traveled 5,000 miles on a motorcycle did she: 1) Ask Robin, how's your butt? Or, 2) ask David, do you want more buns?

Just another boring vacation day. Sleep late, ride the Harley, get a frappacino from Starbucks, write a little, eat much, etc. The bad news is we knew when we got to the end of the book it would be sad because we also would be done with the trip. No pictures today (unless we went back to Barnes and Noble for a picture of the old guy).

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