Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Straight Shot ... Right up the Nose

If you ride a motorcycle long enough you will see a lot of stuff. You will experience a lot of things. David has ridden a motorcycle since before drivers training (actually rode a Yamaha to driver's training). But, today we experienced something never before yet felt, known or enjoyed. No, it wasn't the straight shot down the Illinois freeway (it was on cruise control for almost 70 miles ... not like going east, Dan). No, it wasn't the accident that held us up right after I was boasting that I hadn't touched the brake for 70 miles. No, it wasn't the great tour of the Arch of St. Louis (you can see Robin in front of the covered wagon and David pulling the tail of a steer). No, it wasn't seeing the flooding of the mighty Mississippit River. No, it wasn't a great dinner at Zeno's Restaurant. No, it wasn't a great time finally talking on the Webcam with the grandkids (Ely, did you like that tongue lick on the forehead?). No, it wasn't a nice evening with the person we love. The thing that David experienced today was a big fly, bee or some flying type of insect that flew right up his nose. Yes! Right up the left nostril (it is bigger than the right one if you ever noticed). In panic David almost lost control of the bike. The thing was still alive and if it wasn't for cruise control he wouldn't have been able to use his right hand (best hand for picking your nose) to get it out. Thank God for cruise control. The nose bled for 15 miles. Robin thought it was the bug's blood but we decided bugs don't have blood. Do they?


~Kristie~ said...

First Comment: Bugs have blood, haven't you ever hit a mosquito?
Oh, wait, is that your blood??

Anyway, that is why I RIDE in the back, behind the guy that will get the bug in the face.

PS: Should've gotten the big windshield, huh?

~Kristie~ said...

Second Comment:
THANK YOU for turning the CAPTCHA off!! :)

~Kristie~ said...

Were you in a TRAFFIC JAM? Why didn't you drive on the side? That's what we did. But, Dan's a rule-breaker

Bonjernoor said...

Hey your camera still says 2007? We miss you! Stay away from the bugs, your scaring me!