Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Over the bridge

Great ride today up highway two from Escanaba to Mackinaw City. Not much scenery but just great to be back in Michigan. By the way, when you have been out of state for 30 days how do you know when you are back in Michigan? 1). All the clocks you look at say the same thing (the bike, the GPS, the iPod, the phones, the computer and the hotels). The only clock off when you are back in Michigan is the one in your head. 2). You have to stop for road construction. We went 6,100 miles before getting back in Michigan. We didn't have to stop once for any road construction. In the last two days we had to stop long enough to turn off the bike and once we could get off to stretch. 3). (this really applies just to the u.p.) The hotels signs don't say HBO and Internet. The hotels signs say phone, tv, and shower. 4). The roads are full of pot holes (hence the reason for the construction). 5). You still get a warm feeling that you're home.

The pictures for today are just of Lake Superior and a partial video going over The Bridge. The video would have been more but the wind was so bad Robin decided to hang on rather than film (Can you believe that? We we at 11,000 feet in the Baretooth pass and we can't handle the wind on The Bridge?). Tomorrow is Traverse City and then home on Thursday.

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~Kristie~ said...

WELCOME to the GREAT state of MICHIGAN - Glad to see that they rolled out the Welcome Mat, and gave you a nice "give em a break" welcome!!!!