Sunday, July 27, 2008

Detour to discover David's Jester side

We were supposed to go from Wausau, WI to Escanaba, MI today. About 185 miles of back road riding. However, two things changed our plans. First, after attending a church in Wausau it was really late and we didn't like the idea of arriving in Escanaba so late (Robin wouldn't be able to swim and David would be late to write). But, the second reason is David hit a hard spot transition from the previous chapter of the book to the last one on Jester. So, the solution was to find a place close that could give David some inspiration about what it was like to be a Jester (after all he is not that funny and his son-in-law Dan is too far away). So, we headed to Green Bay where we knew there would be a nice hotel and a large cinema ... one large enough that they would be showing The Black Night (where Batman fights the Joker ... who is really the very dark side of the Jester). So, that is where we are. We just got back from the movie and it is TERRIFIC. We are going to leave for Escanaba tomorrow and will either do some extra miles or will be back a day later. We have been one day early anyhow. Plus, the up-side is that David got to go into a restaurant in Green Bay and say, "The Packers Suck." But, he didn't say it very loud and it was Sunday night and only the waitress and the cook were there (and, David could have taken the cook if he needed to). The good news is that we can see Lake Michigan. Getting close to home.


~Kristie~ said...

What do you mean -

What day will you be home?

David & Robin's Motorcycle Adventures said...

We are planning on being home late Wednesday or early Thursday.

tiff said...

We are counting down the days! Well I know I am! We miss you!